about our podiatry practice Denver, CO
The team at Foot Specialist Associates in Denver, Colorado, offers exceptional foot and ankle care for the entire family. John McGarry, DPM, Lauren Molchan, DPM, and the team are dedicated to providing the most advanced, cutting-edge treatment for foot and ankle ailments. The team provides both conservative and surgical treatments for conditions affecting the foot or ankle, including trauma, sports injuries, diabetic wound care, heel pain, reconstructive surgery, arthritis, and pediatric foot care.

Foot Specialist Associates offers an array of services designed to preserve, restore, and improve your foot and ankle health and mobility. The team strives to preserve the podiatric health and well-being of their patients by providing the most sophisticated diagnostic, therapeutic, health-promoting, and preventive practices. The team is committed to recognizing each patient’s individual needs and desired outcomes, and they formulate effective treatment plans according to these measures.

The team’s goal at Foot Specialist Associates is to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan for every patient in a friendly, personal, and compassionate manner. They understand that the proper function of the foot and ankle are critical to everyday life, supporting your ability to walk, run, and go about normal activities. The experts at Foot Specialists Associates are committed to helping you get back on your feet as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What separates Foot Specialist Associates apart from other podiatry practices is the team’s dedication to providing patients with the education they need to make well-informed decisions regarding their care. The physicians strive to recognize each patient’s individual needs and desired outcomes to formulate a personalized treatment plan with the highest quality care available. Regardless of what ails your foot and/or ankle, Foot Specialists Associates will work tirelessly to make your next step pain-free.

To learn more and get the best foot and ankle care, call the Foot Specialist Associates office or book online today.