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Foot and Ankle Surgery in Denver, CO

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Lauren Molchan, DPM

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Lauren Molchan, DPM, is a skilled and compassionate podiatrist practicing at Foot Specialist Associates in Denver, Colorado. 

Dr. Molchan began her undergraduate education at the University of Tennessee, where she pole vaulted on their women’s track team. She later graduated from Moravian College with her BS in biology, where she continued her collegiate athletic career. She then worked in clinical research at UCLA, where she developed her interest in surgery. Her combined passion for sports and medicine led her to pursue her Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery from the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.

Dr. Molchan completed her three-year foot and ankle surgery residency in Denver, Colorado, at Highlands-Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and served as chief resident in her final year. Her training involved exposure to all aspects of foot and ankle surgery. She is the youngest member of the board of directors for the Colorado Podiatric Medical Association and participates in training surgical residents as an attending in the Denver area. Dr. Molchan has a passion for global medicine and has co-founded a global reconstructive surgery medical program that will be traveling to Moyobamba, Peru July 2022. The program was established to provide surgical care to children with disabilities or neglected trauma, as well as physician training and education to local providers. 

She enjoys treating a wide variety of foot and ankle pathologies, including sports injuries, trauma, pediatrics, forefoot and rearfoot deformities, arthroscopy, arthritic conditions, and total joint replacement. Her mission is to provide superior comprehensive foot and ankle care while adhering to principles of focused and patient-centered care. She believes the best outcomes are achieved when both the patient and physician work as a team. She is excited to serve the greater Denver community that she trained in. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and painting.