Patient Reviews

Dr McGarry provides wonderful foot care, takes time with patients, and educates each patient. Highly recommended.

Sharon C.
Always, the best care and treatment!

Mary Jo Maguire
I have been going there for quite a while and have seen six different doctors, each replacing the one before. While I do not have a complaint, I preferred the earlier doctors who had the nurse file the nails prior to the service by the doctor. It took longer, but the treatment seemed to last longer.

Jess Gerardi
Diagnosed tendinitis in ankle. Adjusted orthotic and prescribed stretches. Will follow up in 2-3 weeks

Philip Weathers
On time appointments, discusses all the issues with your feet. They care about your situation as well as your care.

Michael Wilson
Came in with a routine complaint, but felt my concerns were taken very seriously by the staff and physician. Treatment options were laid out for me in a very easy to understand manner, and I was able to purchase some insoles from the front! Have already referred several people given my very positive experience!

Lora B.
Everyone was very professional and I got the answers I needed.

Dr. Molchan is very attentive and I felt all of my questions were answered so well and in-depth! Her staff is also a delight and made the atmosphere very welcoming. Will gladly be coming back here if my issues flare up again.

Ankur Gill
She is very professional compassionate and thorough!

Debra Phelps
My experience with Dr.Molchan was first class. She was attentive and educated me on my diagnosis and treatment options. She worked with me to determine the best next steps for my individual condition. I will definitely see her again if ever needed in the future!

Jessica Martin
Dr.Molchan is extremely kind and listened to all of the challenges I was facing. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. She is dedicated to her patients success and recovery. Thank you for your incredible service and professionalism. I look forward to working with you again!

Brynn Fabian
I have never met a more capable, smart, and caring doctor in my life. I came to Dr. Molchan with some chronic foot issues that have been plaguing me for decades. She reviewed my records, came up with a surgical plan, and set a date for surgery. She removed old hardware, cleaned stuff up, and now I am walking/running pain free like I used to. Thank you SO much Dr. Molchan!!

David Lesh

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